Dragon Age: Whispers of the Past

Session Eight

In which the party makes allies in interesting places

Having learned the Bleakwatch is mostly full of elves, Blue goes to the local Alienage to learn what she can about the group. The locals are happy to share with a fellow elf that Shesella leads the group and that they have something to do with Lyrium. Also of interest is murmurs about something big about to happen involving a dwarf…..

Since the party has the information of forthcoming lyrium purchases, they set of with the intent to make an exchange (hopefully) of information for the captive. Unfortunately, a poor choice of words ends with the captive dead. Shesella, however, is perfectly happy to talk about the reason she’s vexed. Someone named Blane, a disgraced Chevallier, is involved in cutting the Bleakwatch out of the lyrium supply.

As plans are being made to give over the first location as a gesture of good faith, a lyrium-addicted former Templar busts rudely into the discussion. In an act of mercy/self-defense-/good PR, the party immediately springs into action to take the offender out.

Several days pass and the party meets with Shesella at the agreed location to hear how the raid had gone. They learn that things were a bit messy but productive. It is clear that Blane is the person to get to stop this all and so they gather the data they can about him. Shesalla is happy to reveal that Blane is often in the company of a Lady Sennova, a local noble. The good lady is planning a party and the group begins to plan a way to get Lawren, at least, invited…