Dragon Age: Whispers of the Past

Session Eighteen

In which Lawren gets drawn into a Duel of sorts

After several weeks of travel from the ruins, the party arrives in Val Royeaux. Lawren’s family is quick to learn of his arrival and a summons from his Aunt comes in short order. After the briefest of pleasantries and some mistakes by a certain Avvar, Lawren learns that he has been chosen to defend the family lands from a neighboring family by means of a duel. His opponent is to be a woman named Roselle, a friend from childhood.

When Lawren and Roselle met, however, she was quick to propose a non-standard, and probably non-lethal, alternative to the traditional duel; a wyvern hunt, her companions against his, with the first to slay the beast the victor. After brief contemplation and the barest agreement from the party, Lawren agreed. After learning all they could of the creature they would fight, they purchased antidotes for the venom and prepared to march out first thing the next morning.