Dragon Age: Whispers of the Past

Session Fifteen

In which the party bonds with Dwarves via fighting.

With Shesalla’s words to spurt them away from their revels, the party departs posthaste toward the last known headquarters of the Bleakwatch. Mavi, entering to scout, finds the place in a state not ill befitting an abattoir, with bodyparts and blood scattered throughout. Massive numbers were clearly involved but no Tevinter seem to have fallen inside.

While the party are looking about, they hear the sounds of movement outside. A quick reconnoiter shows that there are approximately fifty Tevinter soldiers surrounding the building, demanding the party lay down their arms and surrender. The party refuses, the choice made easier based on the sudden arrival of the Kal-Sharokian dwarves. Their leader, Lyulf Azahary, seems delighted to have had the chance for a good fight and to assist what he considers ‘one of the few allies they have’.

Among the dead the party does not find Claudia, whom had revealed herself to be behind the attempted trap. More than half of the attackers lived to flee, leaving a dozen and a half dead on the street.

With nothing more pressing to do, the party, along with their Dwarven companions, did the logical thing and returned to the party and freely flowing alcohol…