Dragon Age: Whispers of the Past

Session four

In which we blatantly ignore the plot and somehow reach Cumberland

Following the ring thieves, the party stumbles across the body of a single Hurlock. Further bodies of horses lead to a cave. Instead of going in, the group instead elects to track down the trail of a single person who fled the cave. When the individual is found, the party learns that the ring was carried by a man named Matthew who had been consumed by Darkspawn.

The ring thief executed having suddenly and sadly died of bloodloss, the party elects to go onward toward Cumberland, leaving the ring behind with plans to send a letter to Goram with the map of the location.

Five days later, the party takes shelter in a small hamlet. While there, a pair of dragonlings decide to have mutton for supper. This proves to be an unfortunate last choice as the party merrily slaughters them and then loot their corpses for trophies and useful things.

Shortly thereafter the group reaches Cumberland and find that, a month from now, the Grand Tourney will take place. General consensus agrees that, barring urgent reasons to move on, the party will participate…