Dragon Age: Whispers of the Past

Session Fourteen

In which the Tourney ends

Lova, in her first quarterfinal match, has the misfortune of fighting the Lord of Kal-Sharok. He soundly defeats her, a trend that continues until he takes the match and is crowned the Champion for this year’s Tourney.

The party, though not victors, are nonetheless heroes. For preventing the massive explosion planned by the Culd of the Last Moon, Lord Aerenthal praises the party and bestows the rewards he promised. The Warden, Kilina, offers the chance to Join the order, an offer which Lawren, after much thought, accepts. Wealth, fine armors, and the praise of all the land flow over the companions, ensuring that when they choose to depart it will be in a markedly better state than how they arrived.

As they celebrate at one of many parties, Shesella staggers to Mavi and, gasping out her last breath, manages to warn her that the Tevinters had seized the Lyrium and utterly destroyed the Bleakwatch in the process…