Dragon Age: Whispers of the Past

Session Nine

In which the party attends a shindig

The party, in an attempt to get invited to the party where Blane will be present, sets out back to the fancy bar. They listen carefully to the people there and identify the habits of one Jemimah Ropper, an Orlesian noblewoman. Lawren makes her acquaintance and, through the promise of three undisclosed favors, manages to procure three invitations.

Leaving a very upset Lova behind, the three who actually know how to dress up for parties head out. Things go well for the first few hours but then Lawren spies Blane heading out of the main ballroom. He follows him down, with Blue behind him, and finds Blane and three others. Lawren manages to survive the first rush and successfully retreats up the stairs, just in time for Cayda, who has heard Blue scream, to arrive and turn one of the guards chasing Lawren into a walking bomb. The door is slammed shut as an elven servant tries (and fails) to stealth stab the Saarebas. The elf is knocked out even as the poor fool behind the door explodes.

Miraculously, none of the other guests seem to note anything amiss. Through the artful use of the ‘My friend is drunk’ method, the three manage to depart with the servant in tow. Lawren, needing to change his clothes, returns to the inn only to find Lova (and Steve) gone. The Qunari, meanwhile, head off with the elf toward the abandoned warehouse from the lyrium observation prior…