Dragon Age: Whispers of the Past

Session Nineteen

In which the party is reminded magic is dangerous

The party meets Roselle and her people the next morning as plan. Her party is not quite as diverse, being mostly human (Orlaisian and Ferelden) with a Daelish archer among them. The Qunari make short work of distressing the poor Mage, Marden, within minutes by staring at him intently without much notice paid to the other two. A brief discussion of ‘keepers’ and references to Cayda’s growing stave collection serve to forever alienate the mage.

The rumors place the wyvern some distance away, leaving the group with a choice of how to reach the area, southeast of Verchiel. Still rich with Tourney winnings, the party secures a ferry ride across the Waking Sea toward the old road near Lydes. The trip proves blissfully dull and the party and their mounts arrive on the far coast none the worse for wear.

Travel overland goes somewhat well, though the party learns shortly that someone matching the description of Julien, Roselle’s roguish companion, has been seen here for a few days prior. Further bad news makes itself known as the party moves onward, only to learn that someone is trailing them for unknown purposes. Small towns along the way confirm their direction and soon enough they find their quarry…along and amidst traps by an unknown party.

The party soon realizes the wyvern has circled and was now stalking them. They used this to pick an ambush point. During the skirmish that followed, Lova draws upon her people’s path and brings forth a spirit of Valor to join her in battle, allowing for a swift and explosive end to the beast. Before it’s death it manages to bite and poison Lova but the party’s preparations ensure that the inconvenience is minor.

Just as the cleanup begins, however, Marden staggers toward them. The reason for his untimely demise is soon made clear as a Shriek and two Hurlocks follow him over the rise.
In an event that would prove in time to be the source of much internal, and potentially loud and vocal, debate, Cayda’s magic slips her control for the first time since her first spark of power. Lawren suffers the spell meant for their enemy and Mavi, for the first time since becoming Arvaarad, is forced to use the Saarebas’ control rod.

Through the supporting efforts of his comrades, Lawren is able in time to throw off the wracking affects of the magic. An argument ensues between Mavi and Lova over the Saarebas’ condition, an argument which does little if anything to console Cayda when she is able to control herself once more. After several minutes of terse exchange about the understanding of magic and, more specifically, the signs of an Abomination aborning, the party collects themselves enough to go searching for the rest of the ill-fated Marden’s party.

Not far distant, the group finds what remains of the mage and the elven archer. Only Roselle is missing, and larger-than-human tracks lead on and away…