Dragon Age: Whispers of the Past

Session Six

In which we find a lot of Tevinter and rile the local Chantry

A meeting with Orta reveals a Lyrium exchange about to transpire. Blue, as the team scout, sets off to listen in. The transaction takes place between the Carta and a group of five Tevinter mages (plus Slaves) lead by a woman named Claudia. Six carts worth of lyrium are exchanged for a massive chest of gold.

The carts lead the party out of town and to a rather large camp of Tevinter. Blue manages to slip into the command tent unseen and hears someone tortured, with the unfortunate victim crying out for mercy from Lord Septimus.

Attempts were made to recruit the chantry. Perhaps because of Laurent’s tone, perhaps because there is a chantry informant, or perhaps because of pure bad luck, the lay brother refused to assist.