Dragon Age: Whispers of the Past

Session Sixteen

In which the party tries to heat up a cold trail

The next day, after a supply run, the party manages to trace the departing Tevinter from two gates; one, the main body, headed north. The other, smaller group, went north-east. Anticipating that vengeance followed the lesser number, the party set out in that direction. Though starting later, the party was mounted whereas the Tevinter are not.

As the party catches up, they come across a party left arears to try and slow or stop them. Six lancers put up a good showing but the party rolls through them with relative ease. An hour or so later they come across a second band, this one far more dangerous than the first. Though fewer in number, this group includes a man as heavily armed and armored as Lova, with whom he quickly closes and participates in a duel of champions. Many blows were struck and much blood was spilled, yet in the end the party once again proved victorious.