Dragon Age: Whispers of the Past

Session Ten

In which there is a Tourney

The captive elf having given up nothing of use, the party soon returned their thoughts to competition in stead of the hunt for Lyrium.

The Grand Tourney proved too taxing for any but Lova, though in other events the party was more fortunate. Laren and Lova qualified well in the archer’s tourney and Blue qualified in the throwing tourney.

In the evening, Kal-Sharok arrives and there is almost a street brawl to rival West Side Story between them and Orzammar. Lord Lyulf Azaharg of Kal Sharok and his people demand the right to compete. In the ensuing hubub, Laren manages to stop most of the fighting while Blue urges those around her to allow the new arrivals to fight. This earns both Qunari the displeasure of Lord Quennar and Lord Kynrick of Orzammar but does earn the personal thanks of the rival leader.