Dragon Age: Whispers of the Past

Session Thirteen

In which a lot of fighting takes place

Lova, as one of the final sixty-four in the Grand Tourney, has her first match and declares for the blood of the Avvar. She fights an Antivaan named Beliran who fights for the Lost and is victorious. Other notables to pass the initial semi-final include a chevallier and a member of the Legion of the Damned

Midday the Dwarves get into a fight. Fisticuffs only at first turns into flying axes and the lord of the Orzammar dwarves dies in the scuffle, which comes down to Kal-Sharok blaming the Orzammar dwarves because one of their Smiths, Eldrik, had been found slain. Lova is able to draw their attention and stop the fighting for a time. After Mavi points out the possibility that the Tourney may be cancelled and their lost Hammer forever taken from their grasp if such antics continue, the fighting ends, leaving Cayda to patch up the wounded before all return to their drinks and their spectating.

The next day brings the next round of combat and finds Lova matched against a Chevallier. Today Lova fights for the honor of all warriors while her opponent fights for something he names in Orlesian, which Lawren pompously refuses to translate. The fight is brutal and short and Lova wins again, though this time her opponent does not retire nearly so graciously.

During the celebrations, Clara the barmaid tells Mavi that she had been visited by Paulie. She said he had acted very strangely and warned her against attending the finals, though he would not say why. Clara clarified that Paulie is apparently now living in the tent city and Mavi told her not to worry, she would track Paulie down before the end. With the rest of the party in tow, Mavi spends the evening looking for Paulie and manage to find him, sitting and rocking and mumbling to himself. Just as they were able to calm them, he was suddenly exploded by a very familiar spell.

Combat with very familiar cultists and a less familiar Blood Mage ensued, resulting in six corpses and one captive mage. When questioned, she revealed the stadium had been stuffed full of what they considered sufficient gaatlok to kill the entire populace of observers. She mentioned the ‘Last Moon’ and how this act would bring thousands to their banner.

With everything learned, the party decided to ‘gift’ the mage to the dwarves of Kal-Sharok. In gratitude (and a massive desire not to be blown to bits before reclaiming their hammer) the dwarves as well as the local guards were able to search the stands and find over 20 locations of crates full of gaatlok in the scaffolding. The two Qunari, who had sacrificed their share of the gold for the ‘honor’ of assisting with the destruction before everyone went off to rest before the final day of the tourney…

{{Level up to 6}}