Dragon Age: Whispers of the Past

Session Twelve

In which the party gets shanghaied to fight cultists

The Grand Tourney continues apace and the party proves to be surprisingly proficient at side events. Lawren proves victorious in the archery tournament and Mavi wins the throwing contest.

As minor victories are celebrated, the party turns in only to be woken rather abruptly in the wee hours by the house guard of House Aerenthal, the house of Rainer Aerenthal, sponsor of the tourney. He, and a guest Kilina, a Grey Warden, are concerned with the ritual murders happening throughout the city near the river. Kilina, having survived an assassination attempt, was able to identify the cult as Followers of the Last Moon, a group who worship one of the Tevinter Old Gods.

Little is known about the Cult, save that they are escalating. They are purported to follow Lusacan, god of Night and not as of yet altered to an Archdemon. Victims thus far include dockworkers, a watch patrol, a unit of the Aerenthal house guard patrol, an Orzammar dwarf, and all of the investigators sent out to date.

On the way back from the meeting, the party is suddenly ambushed by crossbowmen. Though they had numbers, they lacked skill and soon fell, their bodies revealed them to be tongueless and tattooed with a crescent moon…