Dragon Age: Whispers of the Past

Session Twenty

In which the party digs into Rolain dirty laundry

After succeeding in slaying the Wyvern and failing to see any sign whatsoever of Roselle, the party returns back to Val Royeaux to claim the victory for Lawren’s family. No sign of Roselle was seen on the way or heard of upon return and so, after returning and reporting victory to Lawren’s aunt, the party departs for his ancestral estate to use it as a base for seeking out the nearby temple where they hope to find the next key.

Once there, as Lawren asks around about visitors, the two Qunari dug into his family records. The pair soon find records of Lawren’s grandfather who had left the previous record. They find that he had enjoyed a long and somewhat tumultuous life, having been both an ambassador to Tevinter and, in subsequent years, chosen for the Wardens only to turn them down in the end.

More interesting than this discovery, however, is an old writ from Emperor Freyan of the Storm Age. This writ charged the Rolain family with the oversight and protection of the ruin in question (as well as all other ruins in their territory), a writ which the modern family appears to have been ignorant of and/or ignoring. Moreover, shortly after that date, all signs of that ruin were cleansed from the records in a notable fashion.