Dragon Age: Whispers of the Past

Session Twenty-Three

In which the chaos dragon maze lives up to it's namesake.

Delving deeper into the maze, the party soon realizes that the original plan of ‘always go right’ is not going to suffice; the maze, which is clearly mystical, shifts them without any regard for the laws of space and time. The Fade draws nearer, making the Qunari deeply uneasy (and the subsequent ‘discussion’ about spirits making the Avvar deeply offended).

A few turns of the maze later, the party encounters a woman being attacked by three creatures which appear to be made out of fire. The woman’s vague resemblance to Roselle draws Lawren into the fight, sending Mavi and Lova in after him. Cayda, meanwhile, recognizes the ‘woman’ as a desire demon and stays out of the fracas entirely, judging that magic in a demon-filled locale isn’t wise.

The three fire demons die easily, leaving the ‘woman’, Lawren at first approaches her as if she was who he thought her to be, but her inability to answer questions that Roselle should know proved that she wasn’t what she seemed. Her ruse blown, the desire demon attacks. She manages to turn Lawren against the party, leading him to slice Lova a bit before the rest of the group destroys the demon.

Several more turns along, the party comes to a large room, centered by a massive, Tevinter-rune carved tree. The Saarebas makes short work of the puzzle therein and the party passes through a newly-unlocked door to find a set of stairs that lead up to a small altar against a blank wall. On the altar are carved the words ‘the blood of the holy’. Mavi, with what can only be described as smugness, produces a vial of dragonling blood from her pouch and dribbles some on the orb. To her great disappointment, nothing happens. Lawren, however, has his own ideas and, as soon as the party acquiesces to his request to step back because what he is trying might be dangerous, sneakily drips some of his own blood onto the altar, which immediately opens the sphere. Within lies another key, which is swiftly used by Cayda to unlock the third lock.

The map, when examined, shows the next destination: the outskirts of Kirkwall.