Dragon Age: Whispers of the Past

Session Twenty-Two

In which David Bowie makes an appearance

Kilina doesn’t bother the party with more Grey Warden business so we grab our supplies and head off to the ruins. Ruins are all messed up, mostly open to the air and in obvious disrepair. Ancient bloodstains abound and there’s a skeletal hand sticking out of a wall. There’s a lever (of course), which gets pulled and the wall with the skeleton hand lifts up! 30 skeletons in a closed off room are revealed, a quick examination reveals the bodies are roughly 100 years old, and are wearing Orlesian and Tevinter garb. Arvaraad examines the Tevinter script and discovers this is a temple to the Dragon God of Chaos, Zazikel. There is also an alter with a button.

We manage to stop Lova from pressing the button long enough to put a big rock in the way to make certain that when we press the button the wall won’t close and lock us in. Press the button and the wall closes (called it!) but is caught by the rock. A path down opens in the floor as well and we take the stairs down. Stairs go down forever, leading to a huge cavern which is lit up by mechanical whatsits that went off when we pressed the button. We see a labyrinth that we are approaching. When we get to the bottom of the stairs there is an alter to the dragon god for people to pray at before entering the labyrinth. None of us do this because we don’t worship dragons like weird people, so we enter the labyrinth. Lova tries to climb over the walls, but faces resistance. Something is blocking her from climbing over. We decide to take the “always go right” combined with “marking our direction” approach. Our reward for this ingenious plan is an Arcane Horror to the face, which we murder.