Dragon Age: Whispers of the Past

Session two

In which we mistake Markarth for civilization and are tricked by a dwarf

We found Markarth. Huzzah!

Then we encountered the sub-mission: Pretty, pretty PCs! Silly Avvar does not understand courtly camouflage…

Seeking the Tevinter by means of the lyrium trade netted us a dwarf named Goram Ortan. He wanted us to do a little bit of Hidden Object in the Haunted Mansion {{Which I’m pretty sure is a Disney-produced smartphone game}}. True to form for a house owned by those with Nevarran blood, this house is populated with skeletons! One set of bone shards later, the party manages to find the box (with a Pentagast shield) and the ring (on the big nastier corpse thing that the party made double-dead).

After making the exchange, Goram sent the party on their way to Cumberland in Nevarra after rumors of a very large transaction of lyrium to the Tevinter…