Dragon Age: Whispers of the Past

Session Thirty Six. LAST SESSION
In which the party learns dragons are shapeshifters

The party finally enters the temple to meet the source of all these troubles. Lawren’s Grey Warden senses inform the party that the very tall, very slim man before them is in fact a Darkspawn of some sort; the being’s subsequent transformation into a massive dragon after some banter reveals it’s true nature.

A battle ensues, leaving the party triumphant. At death, the creature returns to a half-breed form. The Old God from the Temple Below, who has watched in silence, approaches and returns the book the party had thought hidden to Arvaarad. He explains it as the Journal of Halcyon and that it can be used to awaken something called the Harbingers. It can be used to rouse Archdemons and other beings that appear as dragons to normal mortals. He tells the party to be wary and watchful since He expects more individuals to come for it in the due passage of time.

Outside the Temple, those of the enemy who could flee are found to have done so. The Qunari slaves still alive remain and enter into discussions on how to destroy the Temple with the remaining Qunlat. The Saarebas, after drawing quick sketches of the corpse and the Temple interior, goes out to join in the planning while leaving the Templar to collect the remaining Lyrium to do something constructive with it.

The Arvaarad then locks the book and distributes the keys to the three humans, one to each, to guard henceforth. The party then parts, each returning to the nation they call home…