Dragon Age: Whispers of the Past

Session two
In which we mistake Markarth for civilization and are tricked by a dwarf

We found Markarth. Huzzah!

Then we encountered the sub-mission: Pretty, pretty PCs! Silly Avvar does not understand courtly camouflage…

Seeking the Tevinter by means of the lyrium trade netted us a dwarf named Goram Ortan. He wanted us to do a little bit of Hidden Object in the Haunted Mansion {{Which I’m pretty sure is a Disney-produced smartphone game}}. True to form for a house owned by those with Nevarran blood, this house is populated with skeletons! One set of bone shards later, the party manages to find the box (with a Pentagast shield) and the ring (on the big nastier corpse thing that the party made double-dead).

After making the exchange, Goram sent the party on their way to Cumberland in Nevarra after rumors of a very large transaction of lyrium to the Tevinter…

Session one
In which ships wreck and the party wrecks face

The original Arvaarad dies, leaving the new Arvaarad (Blue) with a Mysterious Tome™. The party meets. Huzzah!

The party murder faces some rats.

The party murder faces some wolves. The smarter ones run like the bitches they (possibly) are.

The party murders some Vints (there was much Qunari rejoicing). Then we find the Plot(!) in letter form.


“Our Master is using the storm. Find the book. Search the wreckage.

~ Septimus"

Mechanical Notes:
Loot happens
Level 2!