Arvaarad (Mavi)


Seheron ConvertElfRogueLevel 12

Communication: 5 (Persuasion, Deception)
Constitution: 3 (Stamina)
Cunning: 2 (Qun, Cartography, Poison Lore, Heraldry)
Dexterity: 5 (Stealth, Dueling+3, Calligraphy, Initiative)
Magic: 1
Perception: 3 (Searching)
Strength: 2
Willpower: 3 (Courage)

Defense: 14
Health: 111
Speed: 16

Languages: Qunlat, Tevinter, Trade Tongue
Weapon Groups: Bows, Brawling, Light Blades, Staves
+1 Stunt Points

Class Powers
Backstab: You can inflict extra damage with an attack if you can strike an opponent from an unexpected direction or catch them unawares. You must approach your opponent with a move action. Then you must win an opposed test of your Dexterity (Stealth) vs. your target’s Perception (Seeing). If you win the test, you can use your major action this round to Backstab him. This is an attack with a +2 bonus to the attack roll that inflicts +1d6 extra damage. You cannot Backstab an enemy that you begin your turn adjacent to (but see the Bluff power at level 4).

Rogue’s Armor: You are at home in leather armor. You can ignore the Armor Penalty of leather armor altogether. It affects neither your Speed nor your Dexterity.

Stunt Bonus: You become more adept at finding weak spots in your opponents’ armor. You can perform the Pierce Armor stunt for 1 SP instead of the usual 2.

You become adept at instantly noticing the many dimensions of a tricky situation. You can perform the That Makes Me Wonder exploration stunt for 2 stunt points instead of the usual 3.

Bluff : You can try to Backstab an opponent that you begin your turn adjacent to. You must first use a minor action to try to deceive him. This is an opposed test of your Communication (Deception) vs. your opponent’s Willpower (Self-Discipline). If you win, you have wrong-footed your opponent and can Backstab him. As usual with a Backstab, you make a melee attack with a +2 bonus and inflict +1d6 extra damage if you hit.

Dirty Fighting: You can daze opponents with sharp blows to vulnerable areas. To use Dirty Fighting, you must first hit with a melee attack. If successful, you inflict no damage but your opponent must make a successful TN 15 Constitution (Stamina) test or become stunned. A stunned character can attempt the test again at the start of their turn, and if successful can act normally. Otherwise, the only thing a stunned character can do on their turn is take a single move action. While your opponent is stunned, all attacks against them from rogue characters are considered Backstabs. Stunts are possible on your initial attack roll, so you could stun your opponent and then use Lightning Attack for an immediate Backstab, for example.

Lethality: You use your wits to hit enemies where it hurts. You can add your Cunning to your damage when making ranged attacks.

Slippery: You are hard to pin down in combat. Opponents do not gain an attack bonus for outnumbering you in melee combat. Normally, attackers can gain up to a +2 bonus in such circumstances (see page 216). If you also have the Master degree in the Single Weapon Style, your Defense bonus increases to +3 when fighting in that style.

Contacts: Journeyman
Dual Weapon Style: Master
Poison-Making: Journeyman

Duelist: You learn the Dueling Weapon Group, a weapon group unique to Duelists. When fighting in the Dual Weapon Style and using a melee weapon that uses Dexterity, you gain both +1 on your attack rolls and +1 Defense vs. melee attacks. (Normally when fighting in that style, you must choose between these benefits.)

Your precise attacks hit opponents where it hurts. While fighting in the Dual Weapon Style, you inflict +1 damage with melee attacks.

Your pinpoint accuracy can find the gaps in your opponents’ armor. When you perform the Pierce Armor stunt, your damage is penetrating. (That stunt normally halves your opponent’s Armor Rating, but penetrating damage allows you to ignore it altogether.)

Backpack, Travel Clothes, Waterskin
Heavy Leather Armor (Armor Rating: 4)
Tailored Leather Duster w/Concealed Pockets (Armor Rating: 5, 1 Social Interactions) (Journeyman Rune of Fortune: Once per encounter +4 to any one die roll)
Shortsword: 1d6
2 Damage
Crossbow (20 bolts) 2d6+1 Damage
Masterwork Rapier 1d6+5 Damage 2 to Attack (Journeyman Rune of Devestation +2 Stunt Points when gaining Stunt Points usable only for Mighty Blow or Lethal Blow)
Main Gauche 1d6
1 Damage
Dagger: 1d6+1 Damage (9 sp)
Control Rod
Chalk (2 cp)
Cup (10 cp)
Rope (2 sp)
Spark Tube (8 sp)
Viola (20 sp)
Revealing Gown (40 sp)
Paint (3 sp)
Blank book
Healing Potion x10 (4d6+con)
Map paper (1 sp)
Riding Horse (120 sp)
Saddlebag-2 (20 sp)
Ruby (2 gp)
Three Vials of Dragon Blood
1 gp worth of bling
61 gp, 250 sp, 42 cp


Arvaarad was born on the island of Seheron in 9:12 Dragon, the daughter of elves. Her family had been among those who converted in the Steel Age when the Qunari first conquered the island. With the coming of the Exalted Marches, their faith had been driven underground, but never snuffed out. Arvaarad, or Blue as she became called, owing to her startlingly blue eyes, felt destined to join the military arm of the Qun and do her part to bring civilization and order to the world. But that would be up to the Tamassran.

The young Arvaarad was put through the same bevy of tests as any other child among the Qunari, and to hear her tell it, she came out of them with flying colors. Given the marks of a full Qunari, Arvaarad joined the ranks of those who fight for the Qun and control their most dangerous weapons, the Saarebas. Though given the rank, the Qunari still understood that he had much to learn and he was put as an apprentice to a fully experienced Arvaarad.

It was his first time outside Seheron, but the strictures of the Qun meant it was not so foreign to Blue as he took in the sights of Rivain, and prepared to board for Par-Volen to begin her true task. He never reached Par-Volen, caught up in the storm that dashed the Arishok’s fleet in Kirkwall, Arvaarad came to with little left but his gear, and the Saarebas left in his command without his senior.

Arvaarad (Mavi)

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