Blessed are they who stand before the Corrupt and Wicked and do not falter. Blessed are the Peacekeepers, the Champions of the Just, blessed are the Righteous, the Lights in the Shadow, in their blood the Maker’s Will is written.

Ben – Kirkwall Templar
Level 12 Warrior

Communication 0

Constitution (Stamina) 3
Cunning (Evaluation, Religious Lore) 1
Dexterity (Acrobatics, Initiative, Legerdemain) 4
Strength (Bludgeoning+, Climbing, Might ) 5
Perception (Empathy) 2
Magic 4
Willpower(Faith+, Self-Discipline, Courage) 5

Speed: 11

Defense: 14 (possibly 15 dual wielding) (17 with shield)
HP: 104
Weapon Groups: Brawling, Heavy Blades, Spears, Bludgeoning, Bows
Talents: Throwing Style, Weapon and Shield Style, Armor Training(Master), Dual Weapon(Master), Templar(Master)

Take a Breather: Heal Level + 5 + Con(19)
180 Silver

1xGreater Healing Potion(6d6+con)
3x Regular Healing Potions(4d6+con)
1xRegular Lyrium Potion(2d6+magic)

The Right Hand of the Maker: + 2 Masterwork Steel Maul(1d6 + 3 base)
– Journeyman Rune of Demon-Slaying (+ 5 damage vs raw demons)
+ 10 to hit, 1d6 + 13 damage (1d6 + 18 vs Demons)

+ 1 Masterwork Steel Maul(1d6 + 3 base)
+ 9 to hit, 1d6+12 damage(1d6 + 9 with Dual Weapon Master Minor Action Attack)

3 Throwing Spears(1d6 + 3, 8/16 yards, reload minor)
+ 6 to hit, 1d6 + 8 damage

Crossbow(2d6 + 1, 30/60yards, Reload Complex)
+ 3 to hit, 2d6 + 3 damage

Masterwork Viridium Light Templar Plate – 9 Armor Rating, -3 Armor penalty
– Novice Rune of Valiance: + 1 to Willpower Tests
– Journey Rune of Warding(Blood Magic): + 2 to tests of resist Blood Magic

Heavy Templar Kite Shield – + 3 Defense

+1 Bonus to Stunt Points when generating Stunt Points

Stunt Bonus: You can strike so fast in
combat that your weapons are a blur.
You can perform the Dual Strike stunt
for 3 stunt points instead of the usual 4.

Stunt Bonus: You know how to unhinge
your opponents. You can perform the
Threaten stunt for 1 stunt point instead
of the usual 2.

Expert Strike: You know when to strike
with precision and when to strike with
power. When you make a attack with
a weapon belonging to a group you
possess, you can take up to a –3 penalty
on your attack roll to receive a corresponding
bonus to your damage roll.
For example, you can take a –2 penalty
on your attack roll to get a +2 bonus on
your damage roll. Alternately, you can
receive up to a +3 bonus on your attack
roll if you take a corresponding penalty
on your damage roll.

Veteran: add weapon focus bonus to damage with that weapon

Armor Training:
Novice: You can wear leather and mail armor without
suffering a penalty to Dexterity.
Journeyman: You can wear plate armor without suffering a
penalty to Dexterity
Master: You can get the most out of your armor. You gain
the benefit of half the Armor Rating (rounded down) of your
armor when you take penetrating damage. (Normally, armor
provides no defense against penetrating damage.)

Weapon and Shield Style:
Novice: You can use shields of all shapes and sizes. You get
the full Defense bonus when using a shield.
Journeyman: You know how to get the most from your shield. You can perform the Defensive Stance stunt for 1 stunt point instead of the usual 2.

Thrown Weapon Style:
Novice: Your accuracy is uncanny. You gain a +1 bonus on
attack rolls with throwing weapons.

Dual Weapon Style:
Novice: Wielding two weapons can aid you in attack or
defense. If you take the activate action, you can gain either a
+1 bonus on your melee attack rolls or a +1 Defense bonus vs.
melee attacks until the end of the encounter. You can switch
the bonus you are taking with another activate action.

Journeyman: You can perform the Lightning Attack stunt for 2
SP instead of the usual 3 but the extra attack must come from
your secondary weapon.

Master: You can overwhelm opponents with blows from
both weapons. If you make a melee attack with your primary
weapon and you are not charging, you can make another
attack with your secondary weapon as a minor action. The
second attack cannot generate stunt points, and you only add
half of your Strength (rounded down) to damage.

Templar Specialization(Warrior):
Novice: You have learned mental techniques that help
you resist magic. You gain a +2 bonus on tests to resist the
effects of spells and other magical attacks.

Journeyman: Your blows can drain mages of their mana.
When you do damage to a mage (or any creature that uses
mana) with a melee attack, your target loses 1d6 + your Magic
mana points in addition to taking normal damage.

Master: You can cleanse an area of ongoing magic. This is a
major action and the concentration required is such that you
suffer a –2 penalty to Defense until the beginning of your next
turn. All ongoing spells within 6 yards of you, whether cast
by friends or foes, end immediately. Spells that were only
partially cast are also cancelled and actions previously spent
on casting them are wasted.


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