Lova Mountain-Strong


Communication 3 (Leadership, Seduction)
(Constitution 5 (Stamina, Running, Drinking)
Cunning 0
(Dexterity 1 (Initiative, Riding)
Magic 3
Perception 0
(Strength 5 (Climbing, Intimidation, Might, Heavy Blades, Polearms, Jumping)
Willpower 4 (Morale, Courage, Self-Discipline)

Speed 7
Defense 12 (13)
Armor 11, Penalty -4 (+1 Heavy Plate)
Health 120

Proficiencies: Brawling, Spears, Heavy Blades, Bows, Axes

Spirit Warrior (Mastery)
Two-hander (Mastery)
Armor Training (Mastery)
Archery (Novice)


Lova hails from Silent-Bird Hold, deep in the Frostbacks. The Hold was founded in the spirit of the ptarmigan who found Korth’s heart when no one else could. As such, Lova and her people are determined, resourceful, and hardy. Other Avvar who think to ridicule Silent-Bird Hold for their diminutive hold beast soon learn to regret it.

Lova’s legend mark “Mountain-Strong” comes from the time she held up a boulder for an hour, preventing the cave-in that would have crushed the Hold’s augur. She has come north in search of a specific Avvar artifact to bring back to her Hold.

Lova is a large woman—tall, broad, and comfortably burly. Her pale yellow hair, combined with her scarred and weathered face, make her age difficult to guess. Her armor is thickly trimmed with fur; to a foreigner, she might pass for Ferelden, but her Avvar origin is obvious to any who know better. She carries a long spear in her hands, with a huge sword, bow, and quiver slung across her back. She’s constantly drawing attention to the dragon skull affixed to her helm.

Lova Mountain-Strong

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