Ser Lawren De Rolain

Charming, handsome nobleman with a flair for the dramatic.


Ser Lawren de Rolain – Noble Warrior of Orlais
Level 13 Warrior

Communication (Etiquette, Persuasion) 3
Constitution (Stamina) 4
Cunning (Military Lore) 1
Dexterity (Riding, Initiative*) 5
Strength (Heavy Blades, Lances) 5
Perception (Seeing, Tracking, Searching, Detect Darkspawn) 5
Magic 0
Willpower (Self Discipline) 2
Speed: 12
Defense: 15 (17 on an activate action)

HP: 123
Weapon Groups: Brawling, Heavy Blades, Spears, Bows, Staves, Lances Chevalier, Polearms

Starting Talents: Archery Style, Single Weapon Style (Master), Armor Training (Journeyman)

New Talents: Mounted Combat Style (Master), Single Weapon Style (Master), Chevalier (Master) [Taunt for 1 SP and use communication (etiquette), when making mounted charges, +1d6 with lances, or +1 with other melee, While mounted,
you can run as a minor action and add +1 to your Defense
when you do.], Intrigue (Novice, [Etiquette])


Two Handed Spear, Light Mail, Longbow, bastard sword

Light Mail – 5 Armor Rating, -2 Armor penalty

1 fine sash – 10 CP
1 fine shirt – 2 Sp
1 fine pair of shoes – 2 SP
Stockings – 32 CP
Underclothes – 6 CP
Vest – 12 CP
Jerkin – 18 CP
Jacket -4 SP
Cloak – 6 SP
Gloves – 8 Sp
Plaster Mask – 6 SP
Tabard – 14 CP

Rope Ladder 3 Sp
Crowbar 3 SP
Rope 2 Sp
Chalk 2 CP
Cord (fishing) 2 SP
Tent, small 10 SP
10 foot pole 3 CP
Whetstone 10 Cp
Super Fancy Fucking Clothing 10 GP

39GP (50?), 1033 SP, 66(+45)CP

Special Weapon:
“Hawk’s flight”

Masterwork Ironbark Longbow

-1 base strength

Bonus talent level bows, bow focus +2 accuracy, +3 social bonus with those who know its origin

Masterwork Bastard Sword (+2) 2d6 + 3 damage, +2 to attack (Journeyman/Master Rune of Silverite)

+1 Light Plate (9) (Journeyman Rune of Warding [Blood Magic])

short range: 39, long range 104

Dual strike is 3 stunt points instead of 4

May Threaten for 1 instead of 2

Ser Lawren is very much the pinnacle of Orlesian Nobility. Even his travel clothes are made of finer materials, designed to help him look good even when simply walking around. He pushes about six feet tall, and is somewhat thin and lanky, with short blonde hair and a goatee.

Lawren holds an easy smile and a kind word for almost everyone he meets. Even in combat, he is unfailingly polite and honorable: if fighting against sentient opponents, he often offers them the opportunity for one on one combat. Every move is done with a flourish, and every attack is made with as much consideration made for aesthetics as is made for ensuring that he is victorious over his opponent.

*Doubled up Focus

Masterwork Benefits: Attac k Bonus +3 Damage Bonus +3
Superior Benefits: Adjusted Minimum Strength: –2
Talent Level Bonus: Three levels Focus Benefit: Yes
Rune Slots: 2
Many weapons are seen as little more than tools, but the longsword
Vigilance is a rare exception. Painstakingly crafted
from volcanic aurum by a master smith in Denerim some time
in the Dragon Age, this blade is rumored to carry a powerful
enchantment rendering its owner all but unkillable. While
such stories are certainly exaggerations, it does provide a +1
bonus to both Strength and Constitution when wielded.


A Moment is 5+Con+Level

Ser Lawren De Rolain

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