Dragon Age: Whispers of the Past

Session Thirty-Four

In the arms of an Avvar.

Heading towards the Tevinter camp when a scout is spotted. Hijinks ensue where we take down the scout’s horse, they hide in a tree, Lawren goes in after them and gets promptly kicked out. Upon realizing she is in a hopeless situation the scout attempts to kill herself, is held at death’s door by Cayda long enough to get information that Septimus and his “Master” are here.

Arvaraad heads out to scout the situation ahead, dodging scouting parties and coming across the camp, discovering roughly 100 Tevinter, with another 150 slaves. The source of their Gaatlok is discovered to be over two dozen Qunari slaves, some of which have been lobotomized. There are already several stores of gaatlok around the camp as well. At the center of the camp, the Tevinter are rebuilding a gran cathedral designed for the Old Gods. The Arvaraad returns to the party and explains the situation. The party begins to come up with a plan. Though it takes some time a plan is formulated.

The party splits up (always a good decision), with the Arvaarad heading back towards the Tevinter camp in the guise of a slave to stir up dissent among the slaves and prepare the way while the rest of the party attempts to draw out the main force of the Tevinter so they can then sneak past them to assault the camp. Lawren and an enemy scout group pass one another like ships in the night and the party is found by a small scouting party and combat commences. Fight is going poorly for scouts so they attempt to flee in different directions. The scouts are stopped quickly and put down. The party prepares for the next stage of their plan.