Dragon Age: Whispers of the Past

Session Thirty-One
In which we learn combat on a boat is not fun

The party makes contact with the rest of the fish person’s colony. They are able to determine that three boats worth of Tevinter had gone off to what is apparently a pyramidal structure on an island in the lake. They also indicate that some guardians are in the way but can’t or won’t describe it. Their laughter on the subject of the Tevinter who had gone that way was not exactly assuring, nor was the prayers that were said over the party as they prepared to sail out after.

Being heroic and foolish, naturally the party went anyway.

Around the time that they spot wreckage and the floating corpses of obviously partially eaten Tevinter, they learn what the Guardians are. Known to the two qunari as Aban Ataashi, three very-large-but-not-as-big-as-they-could-be sea serpents rise up out of the water and begin trying to snatch party members from the boat to crush and drown them. Through a combination of frenzied rowing and delay tactics, the party manages to get to a safe area near the island, closely tailed by an ever increasing number of the creatures.

On the beach, they find bodies of both Tevinter and fishmen and two boats. The party climbs up the step-sided pyramid and finds a dark entryway and begin to head through…

Session Thirty-Two
In which the party make friends with Cthulhu

The party enters the temple and Lova activates her Spirit Warrior technique, creating a weird effect on the walls. As the party travels, they come across two incredibly mangled corpses, promising not so much fun times ahead. Path spirals deeper into the temple, and eventually the party comes across a small party of three Tevinter, the last survivors of their attempt to take this place. There is an awkward pause as neither side is entirely certain if we should be murdering each other or the creature that inhabits the temple. Vints choose first and decide to try to kill us. Combat is had (The GM rolls 23 stunt points that are flanked by 1’s and thus miss). Just as the combat is coming to a close, the Vint mage is grabbed by something and disappears into the shadows outside of the torches and explodes thanks to Walking Bomb, there is a horrible screeching noise. Shortly after the last of the Vints are cleaned up and a torch is tossed down the path where the mage disappeared, all that is seen are little chunks of Tevinter.

The party continues down, going deep into the bowels of the earth before finally coming to a large atrium with a pair of doors on the other side, a shrine in the middle, and one of the fish people. Fish person speaks in common (and is probably possessed by its evil god or something). It explains how the book opens “The Path” that will lead to ruination. Doesn’t answer a whole lot about the situation besides that, and stating with complete confidence that the temple will be able to stop any from stealing the last key. Faced with potentially opening a Doomsday book, the party decides against attempting to gain the final key and take the fish person/ancient deity at its word. The party leaves, sealing the way behind us and prepares to march against the Tevinter on their home turf.

Session Thirty-Three
In which getting into Tevinter is much less hard than expected

Despite much anxiety on the matter and excessive planning, the party manages to cross the Tevinter border with no troubles. They make their way toward the last ruin, finding themselves in one of the old battles of the second Exalted March.

Along the way, Holdbeast Steve suddenly makes a fuss and draws Lova (and the rest of the party out of sheer curiosity) off toward a tomb. The markings indicate it is the Silent Bird hold territory, Lova’s own Clan.

Within a few feet of entrance, it becomes clear that either the Fade has torn or someone has been naughty in this tomb. Several bodies rise up and come at the party, flashing sharp, pointy teeth. They get beaten down in short order and soon the party wins into the central chamber. Lova, as the ‘heiress’, agrees to let the party take what gear they would, except for a stone bow which she lays claim to.

The list includes:
-A Sword
-The Stone Bow
-A pair of daggers
-Armor of a leatherlike persuasion
-A shield with the heraldry of the Legion of the Dead

Session Thirty-Four
In the arms of an Avvar.

Heading towards the Tevinter camp when a scout is spotted. Hijinks ensue where we take down the scout’s horse, they hide in a tree, Lawren goes in after them and gets promptly kicked out. Upon realizing she is in a hopeless situation the scout attempts to kill herself, is held at death’s door by Cayda long enough to get information that Septimus and his “Master” are here.

Arvaraad heads out to scout the situation ahead, dodging scouting parties and coming across the camp, discovering roughly 100 Tevinter, with another 150 slaves. The source of their Gaatlok is discovered to be over two dozen Qunari slaves, some of which have been lobotomized. There are already several stores of gaatlok around the camp as well. At the center of the camp, the Tevinter are rebuilding a gran cathedral designed for the Old Gods. The Arvaraad returns to the party and explains the situation. The party begins to come up with a plan. Though it takes some time a plan is formulated.

The party splits up (always a good decision), with the Arvaarad heading back towards the Tevinter camp in the guise of a slave to stir up dissent among the slaves and prepare the way while the rest of the party attempts to draw out the main force of the Tevinter so they can then sneak past them to assault the camp. Lawren and an enemy scout group pass one another like ships in the night and the party is found by a small scouting party and combat commences. Fight is going poorly for scouts so they attempt to flee in different directions. The scouts are stopped quickly and put down. The party prepares for the next stage of their plan.

Session Thirty-Five
In which Arvaraad Solos the Mod

The Arvaraad infiltrates the camp posing as an elven slave while the rest of the party picks off scout troops to make the Tevinter anxious, hoping to pull away enough of the main force to make a shot at the leadership possible. A note in Qunlat is left near the ranking Qunari slave in the hopes that the slaves can be swayed toward helping foment disruptions..

When the Tevinter begin to fortify instead of following as hoped, The Arvaraad departs and returns to tell the rest of the the party what they are doing.

Then the party spends the session trying to make a plan. Because gamers.

Session Thirty Six. LAST SESSION
In which the party learns dragons are shapeshifters

The party finally enters the temple to meet the source of all these troubles. Lawren’s Grey Warden senses inform the party that the very tall, very slim man before them is in fact a Darkspawn of some sort; the being’s subsequent transformation into a massive dragon after some banter reveals it’s true nature.

A battle ensues, leaving the party triumphant. At death, the creature returns to a half-breed form. The Old God from the Temple Below, who has watched in silence, approaches and returns the book the party had thought hidden to Arvaarad. He explains it as the Journal of Halcyon and that it can be used to awaken something called the Harbingers. It can be used to rouse Archdemons and other beings that appear as dragons to normal mortals. He tells the party to be wary and watchful since He expects more individuals to come for it in the due passage of time.

Outside the Temple, those of the enemy who could flee are found to have done so. The Qunari slaves still alive remain and enter into discussions on how to destroy the Temple with the remaining Qunlat. The Saarebas, after drawing quick sketches of the corpse and the Temple interior, goes out to join in the planning while leaving the Templar to collect the remaining Lyrium to do something constructive with it.

The Arvaarad then locks the book and distributes the keys to the three humans, one to each, to guard henceforth. The party then parts, each returning to the nation they call home…