Dragon Age: Whispers of the Past

Session Seventeen

In which the party dungeon crawls

The party, with the Saarebas exhausted, mystically-speaking, decides to rest and attempt to catch the foe unawares in the night. Though unmolested, the party feels itself under watch and confirms this fact when, upon awakening, they find the enemy well underway again.

As the party travels, however, the Qunari ponder their destination and, between them, come to the conclusion that the Tevinter must be headed to a ruin nearby. After trailing them to the ruin they pause and send Mavi in to scout. She sees what seem like surprisingly-unshambling-for-undead zombies and returns to the party to share what she’d seen: That they had, apparently, wiped out the Tevinter and were looking to kill a few more.

The party, after killing the Darkspawn with relative ease, follow the hapless Tevinter inside. The temple soon proves to be old and full of idolatry for the Old Gods. A stair, which had once been hidden beneath the altar, lies open. It leads to the reliquary, in which an altar holds something in a glass jar.

In front of the jar, the party find Claudia and a handful of guards, one of whom has a flailing Darkspawn on a collar. After a brief exchange of unpleasantries, the party and the Tevinter fall into lethal combat. Claudia and Cayda exchange a salvo of walking bombs (which Cayda won) while her raised undead and soldiers go after the rest. After the Magister exploded, her remaining guards fled, leaving the party to recapture the Darkspawn and crush the few remaining skeletons before surveying the room’s contents.

Amidst Claudia’s remains is a large locket with a key that fits the Qunaris’ book! Another, similar key sits besides parchment under glass on the altar at the room’s center. The text is in Orlesian, an older form, but too rolled together to read. After a bit of study, the group works out that the Darkspawn is somehow key and literally lob the bleeding creature at the warded globe’s direction. It’s blood shatters the globe and the party reclaims the prizes.

Lawren reads the note, realizing to his amazement that it was drafted by his own great-grandfather. It says, simply, “Never again, you Tevinter bastards.”

Meanwhile the Qun quickly unlock two of the padlocks on their mysterious book, leaving it still held closed by two keys.

As they explore the remains further, they find a mystical map. Five locations are marked, with the party’s location being one of them. The known lyrium repository has a marker and two other spots, Orlais and Kirkwall, gleam faintly. The final spot, in Ferelden, is dim.

Given that one of their number comes from Orlais ,the party agrees to venture to that location first.